POST v1/education/create-by-file-ocr


Copyleaks V1 API has been deprectaed and will reach it's end of life on July 1st 2020.

See newer version documentation - Copyleaks V3 API.

Scan images with textual content to find where the content has been used before and check its originality. Using create-by-file-ocr you can scan various image file types for plagiarism and identify infringed content. Only the textual content in the picture will be scanned and not the graphics. See supported file types here.

Test the Copyleaks API for free using sandbox mode, receive results in real time using callbacks with the in progress results header and much more. Check out our optional requset headers to see what other options are available when creating a scan request.

You need to login with a user and api key in order to access this method.
Add this HTTP header to your request:
Authorization: Bearer <Your-Login-Token>
Not sure how to generate your login token? Read here.

Request Information

URI Parameters

Name Description Type Additional information

The language code of your content.


Required. The selected language should be on the OCR supported languages list.

Body Parameters

Provide the byte array of the input file. The maximum allowed file size is 25MB and you can add one file at a time. Please see here the supported file types.

Response Information

Resource Description

Name Description Type Additional information

The Id of the new scan request

globally unique identifier



The request's creation time.


Format: dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss


Current predicted estimated scan time per credit.

uint Seconds

Response Formats

application/json, text/json

  "ProcessId": "23af0314-2fb9-4b91-959f-87848572df1f",
  "CreationTimeUTC": "01/01/2016 18:36:10", 
  "EstimatedTimePerCredit": 10

Common Errors

Error Code Error Message
1 Bad request. One or several required parameters are missing or incorrect.
19 'copyleaks-*' headers are too long (limited to 8192 characters together)!
30 Missing '<header-name>' header value!
31 Bad parameter '<param-name>'!
17 You have no credits. You need to purchase credits in order to complete the request.
5 Failed to download the requested url
10 This file type is not supported. Read more -
6 Cannot complete the scan request because the file is too large. For more information:
14 The submitted file is invalid.
7 Failed reading the submitted text.
11 Not enough text to scan. The minimum text length is 30 characters and at least 6 words.
12 This document is too long (The maximum number of pages allowed is 2000, while this document contains <actual> pages).
13 You don't have enough credits to complete the request (required <expected-credits> credits)!
20 Only MIME multipart content type is allowed!
21 You can upload one file at a time!
22 Unable to determine file size.
24 Bad filename!
25 Undefined language!
37 Authorization has been denied for this request.

For more information, see the full errors list.