Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker SDK for C#

The Copyleaks plagiarism checker SDK for C# allows developers to easily integrate .Net applications with Copyleaks in just a few minutes.

The SDK includes simple C# code samples and API Reference that will help you to quickly integrate with the Copyleaks API, authenticate content and detect plagiarism.

Open Source Code

Easy to integrate. Easy to extend. Frequent upgrades.

Start Scanning Immediately

Creating an account is easy. A minute and you're in.


High avelibility. Trusted by thousends of users around the world. Frequenlty monitored.

Supporting High Volumes

High loads in short times? No problem, we scale automatically!

Advanced Text Comparison

Deep learing, big data and machine learning is only part of the technics we use in order to provide the perfect match.

Fast and Accurate

We support asyncronous architecture. Get results in real-time.



CopyleaksAPI Nuget Package

Copyleaks is a popular advanced online plagiarism checker. This library provides access to Copyleaks cloud and scans your content for copyright infringement.



NET-Plagiarism-Checker - Copyleaks is an online plagiarism detector. Use Copyleaks to find out who used your online content. This example shows how to integrate with the Copyleaks cloud, using .Net, to detect copyright infringement.

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