Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker SDK for Node-JS

Integrate and use the Copyleaks plagiarism checker API quickly with the SDK in Node.js.

The Node.js SDK provides access to documentation and sample codes, including API Reference, to check for plagiarism and verify content originality.

Open Source Code

Never been easier to integrate with ourcode. Upgrades are released often.

Start Scanning Immediately

Create your account in less than a minute and start sending scans immediately.


Our trusted algorithms are used by thousands around the world everyday to scan their work.

Supporting High Volumes

Quickly send large loads in short periods. We scale automatically.

Advanced Text Comparison

With big data, deep search mechanisms, and machine learning algorithms we can find the most comprehensive results you want.

Fast and Accurate

We support asyncronous architecture so you can receive immediate results.



CopyleaksAPI npm Package

Copyleaks SDK enables you to scan text for plagiarism and detect content distribution online, using the Copyleaks plagiarism checker API.

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Copyleaks detects online plagiarism and checks content distribution. Use Copyleaks to find out if textual content is original and if it has been used online. This example in NodeJs shows how to integrate with the Copyleaks cloud to search for copyright infringement.

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