Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker SDK for Swift

With the Copyleaks SDK for Swift you get everything you need to integrate your application with Copyleaks easily and seamlessly.

This includes library code and examples to detect plagiarism and content originality from within your platform.

Open Source Code

Seamlessly integrate and extend using our code. Upgrades come often.

Start Scanning Immediately

Sign up in no time. Start sending scans in just a few minutes!


Thousands of users around the world trust our reliable algorithms to send scans everyday.

Supporting High Volumes

Easily send large loads in a small period of time with automatic scaling.

Advanced Text Comparison

Using big data, deep crawling of the internet, and machine learning algorithms, we give you the results you want.

Fast and Accurate

Receive results in no time with the support of asyncronous arcitechture.



CopyleaksAPI POD Package

Copyleaks detects plagiarism and checks content distribution.

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Copyleaks detects online plagiarism and checks content originality. Use Copyleaks to know if your content has been used online. This example in Swift shows how to integrate with the Copyleaks cloud to check for plagiarism.

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