Index Only

If you have your own DB or repository of documents and you would like Copyleaks to also compare against them, you are able to ingest and index these files. At this point, you can store as many files as you would like with no cost.

After the files are indexed in the Copyleaks internal DB, Copyleaks will compare submitted content also against the stored files.

Please note that submitting a file with the index-only action, won't scan the file for plagiarism it will simply be add to the Copyleaks DB.

Indexing flow:

Analyzing Steps

The first task is to get the Copyleaks authentication token. You will need to add this token later on to your API requests in order to verify your identity. This task is being done through the Login method. Once you have this token, you are ready to continue forward to the next step.

In order to index the file in the Copyleaks DB, you should specify properties.action: 2 in the submit parameters (see more - submit file).

After submitting the file, wait until the webhook arrives. If the index process was completed successfully, you will get an indexed webhook. If an error occurred – you will get an error webhook.