Businesses Documentation

Copyleaks Businesses API allows you to integrate your institution's platform, learning management system or any other e-learning solution with Copyleaks plagiarism detection products.

PUT v3/businesses/submit/url/{scanId}

Starting a new process by providing a URL to scan.

PUT v3/businesses/submit/file/{scanId}

Starting a new process by providing a file to scan.

PUT v3/businesses/submit/ocr/{scanId}

Starting a new process by providing an image file with text to scan.

PATCH v3/businesses/start

Start scanning a list of creditsChecked scans.

PATCH v3/businesses/batch/start

Start batch scanning a list of creditsChecked scans.

PATCH v3/businesses/delete

Delete the specific scans from the server, after getting the scan results.

GET v3/businesses/credits

Get your credit balance.

Supported webhooks:

Name Description
POST Completed

Fired on scan-completed event.

POST Error

Fired on scan ended with an error.

POST New Result

Fired as soon as we collect a new result (while scanning).

POST Indexed

Fires on DB index event.

POST Credits Checked

Fired when credits were checked.

You can see the flow here (see full description):

We also offer advanced activities to better fit your needs:

  • Compare your documents only against one another to find similarities.
  • Index your files in the Copyleaks internal database to later compare against them.
  • Upload a file and get a price quote before the scan begins. The price will be shown in credits (1 credit = 250 words).