Technical Specifications

The items described below are the maximum technical limits of Copyleaks.

Definition of a Page
Page in Copyleaks API: We define a page in our systems as a document with up to 250 words.
For example, a document with 251 words will need 2 credits for a complete scan.
Supported File Types:
Supported File Types:
Type File Types List
Textual: html, txt (UTF-8 encoded)
Non-Textual: pdf , docx, doc, txt, rtf, xml, pptx, ppt, odt, chm, epub, odp, ppsx, pages, xlsx, xls, csv and LaTeX.
You can access this list programmatically, for more info click here.
Supported Textual File Types: The supported online format are all supported file types are also supported when online. Submitted by URL.
Supported Image Types (OCR):

The supported image files are gif, png, bmp, jpg and jpeg. The files must contain textual content. Upload only.

You can access this list programmatically, for more info click here.

Input Limits
Supported Languages: Any language supported by Unicode. More information here.
Supported OCR Languages: See full list here.
Maximum Document Length: The maximum length allowed is 2000 pages (500K words)
File Size:
Description Max Upload File Size
HTML files (html, htm, ...) 5 MB
Text files (txt - UTF8 encoded) 3 MB
Non-Textual Documents (pdf, doc, docx, ...) 25 MB
Image Types (jpg, png, bmp, ...) 25 MB
Api rate limits

10 requests per second. For larger plan, contact sales.

Rate Limit Exceeded

If your host has reached its API limit, you will receive the HTTP error 429 (Too Many Requests) and you will be unable to authenticate with the Copyleaks API for one minute.

Scans Lifetime:

Your created scans will be stored in Copyleaks servers for a specific duration of time.
Make sure you save your data before it expires.

Product Max Expiration (hours) Default Expiration (hours)
Businesses 2880 2880
Education 2880 2880
Time Format dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss
Time Zone UTC
Default HTTP Request Timeout 110 seconds