POST CreditsChecked

Copyleaks supports the price check operation. In some cases, you won't know the exact length of your document, so using the price check will be helpful to understand how many credits are necessary

Copyleaks allows you to send your document and receive back the amount of credits that the system will require to complete a scan (1 credit = 250 words).

In order to proceed with scanning the document after checking the credits needed, you should call the Start method. Note that scans that are not triggered by calling the Start method in 48 hours, will be deleted and will no longer be available.

Name Description


The current status of the scan.


Possible values:
0: Success
1: Error
2: CreditsChecked
3: Indexed


The developer payload that was provided in the submit method.


Max Length: 512 characters


The price of the scan. If you will continue scanning, this is the price you will pay.

Unsigned Integer


  "status": 2,
  "developerPayload": "Custom developer payload",
  "credits": 1