POST Error

The "error" event happens as soon as the scan process reaches an end due to an error.

Name Description


The current status of the scan.


Possible values:
0: Success
1: Error
2: CreditsChecked
3: Indexed


Error code that represents the reason for failure. See below the full error table.

Unsigned Integer


Error message that represents the reason for failure.



The developer payload that was provided in the submit method.


Max Length: 512 characters

Error Codes

Copyleaks provides you with the specific error message describing the reason for the error. Some of the failures are related to incorrect configuration from your side. Others are related to Copyleaks server-side errors.

The full error list is provided here:

Error Code Error Message
1 Bad request. One or several required parameters are missing or incorrect.
2 Invalid login credentials.
3 To use your account, you need to confirm the email address.
4 This user is disabled. Contact support for help.
5 Failed to download the requested url
6 Cannot complete the scan request because the file is too large. For more information:
7 Failed reading the submitted text.
8 The image quality is too low to scan.
9 Temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
10 This file type is not supported. Read more -
11 Not enough text to scan. The minimum text length is 30 characters and at least 6 words.
12 This document is too long (The maximum number of pages allowed is <max-allowed>, while this document contains <number> pages).
13 You don't have enough credits to complete the request (required <number> credits)!
14 The submitted file is invalid.
15 The submitted URL is invalid!
17 You have no credits. You need to purchase credits in order to complete the request.
18 Copyshield widget is not showing on your webpgage.
19 '<headers>*' headers are too long (limited to <max-size> characters together)!
20 Only MIME multipart content type is allowed!
21 You can upload one file at a time!
22 Unable to determine file size.
24 Bad filename!
25 Undefined language!
26 The request cannot be completed because the process is still running.
27 Unknown process id!
30 Missing '<name>' header value!
31 Bad parameter '<param-name>'!
32 Too many failed login attempts. Please try again in <number> hours.
33 Http header '<headers>' key is too long (max length is <max-size> characters)!
37 Authorization has been denied for this request.

We are doing our best to successfully respond to all of your requests.

Still, sometimes we encounter an internal error. In that case, we will fix the problem as soon as possible. You will also get a unique ticket ID that will help identify the problem when contacting Copyleaks customer support.

Error Code Error Message
16 The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. We are investigating the problem. Ticket ID <00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000>


  "status": 1,
  "error": {
    "message": "You don't have enough credits to complete the request (required 10 credits)!",
    "code": "13"
  "developerPayload": "Custom developer payload"