Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker API

Copyleaks API gives you access to a variety of plagiarism detection technologies to protect your content online. Get the most comprehensive plagiarism report that is easy to use and integrate.

Who is it for?

Copyleaks is trusted by thousands of users around the world. Our users include education institutions, businesses, enterprises, website owners and many other people who care about the safety of their content.

For Businesses:
  • Media Publishers
  • Consulting Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Scientific Journals
  • SMBs
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For Education:
  • Professors
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Faculty
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For Websites:
  • Website Owners
  • SEO Agencies
  • Bloggers
  • Online Magazines and Journals
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Why Copyleaks API is best for you

Comprehensive Cloud Results

Copyleaks Cloud scans billions of internet pages to check for plagiarized content. Receive the most accurate and focused plagiarism reports the moment we find copied content.

Supports Various File Types & Languages

Copyleaks supports scans of content in different file formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF and more. Search in a variety of languages (Unicode), including Asian languages.

Integrate Easily Using the SDK

Integrate with Copyleaks Open-Source API seamlessly using our ready-to-use code in different languages including C#, Java, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby and Python.

OCR - Scan Images Of Text

Upload images of text in different languages to detect copies of your content.

Highly Secured

Your security online is our top priority. All of our services are secured with SSL and our payments are PCI compliant.

Choose Your Plan

We offer different plans to fit your needs. Find the best plan for you for education or businesses. You can always try out our Sandbox for FREE.

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